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Friend Boy: A Gay Youth Retrospective

By N.K. Peralta

A man looks back on his life as a teenage boy growing up in an affluent southern California neighborhood with questions about his sexuality. His exploration takes him to the famed Santa Monica Boulevard where life is fast and rent boys are aplenty. A sexual awakening takes place on both sides of the tracks.

Boy In The Window: A Gay Youth Coming Out Story

By N.K. Peralta

Set against the backdrop of the Israeli / Palestinian conflict, two boys on opposite side of the wall must come to terms with not only the current geo-political war, but a turmoil that rages inside them both. The fact that they share a taboo sexual attraction. And, as fate would have it, these two mortal enemies are quickly falling in love.

Epoch: Space

By N.K. Peralta

Eleven hundred years in our future the world is a much different place. Travel beyond our galaxy is not only possible it’s commonplace. Man is colonizing the stars. An epic space opera and told in a series of story arcs that culminate in an unexpected answer to the ultimate question. Are we alone in the universe? A group of young cadets in the Astral-Exploration Fleet are tasked with finding the answer.

Hunting Hunter

B.T. Brannon

An average boy with an average life in a small, quiet town is thrust into a deadly game of political intrigue after his parents are arrested as Russian Spies. Hunted and on the run, Hunter Schmidt makes an unlikely ally as both a Soviet assassin and the NSA race to find him. Who will get to him first?

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