Hunting Hunter

by B.T. Brannon

A coming-of-age spy thriller with 12-year-old Hunter and 15-year-old P.K. learning life’s lessons while being pursued by a female assassin.

The ecology of the world is in crisis and the PPG, Planetary Protection Group, is dedicated to saving Mother Earth from a nuclear Armageddon. Lord Horace Wellington and his consortium of ultra-wealthy and politically connected followers have a plan to draw global attention to the plight. Unfortunately, his sleeper agents are now in FBI custody.

When a psychopathic assassin sent by the PPG targets the Schmidts, their 12-year-old son, Hunter, takes off cross-country. He teams up with P.K. Running Bear, a 15-year-old streetwise fugitive and his adopted dog. As agents from the FBI attempt to track the assassin and find Hunter, the President of the United States is faced with the prospect of eco-terror in the form of a nuclear disaster. Hunter and P.K., each affected differently by a series of deaths and the harsh realities of life on the run, experience radical change. Set against a global fight for survival, the boys learn to bridge prejudices and discover the true meaning of friendship.

Author B.T. Brannon

This is Mr Brannon’s first novel.  He is a professional market trader and enjoys traveling.  He currently lives in Brighton, UK.  Ypu may contact him though his publisher at

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