A Gay Pen Pal

Meet A Gay Man The Old Fashioned Way!

As I sit here trying to formulate a coherent ad for a gay pen pal, the irony strikes me like… well, like an iron to the forehead. Here I am in the digital age looking for a penpal to exchange postal letters with. How quaint I have become. But as with most things in my life, there is a completely valid yet stunningly obscure reason for this. I like to write and receive letters. By the way, when sending or receiving letters, if you are under thirty,  the little thingy in the upper left-hand corner is called a “stamp” and you have to go to the mysterious blue and white building downtown to buy them. Oh sure, it’s inconvenient, but it gets you out of the house. A perfect excuse to stop by Dairy Queen.  But I am not without a modern man attitude.  I do like talking on the phone as well.  Not the whole texting jazz, but actual conversation! 

Looking For Friendship / Relationship

Even in this day of the uber-millennial, finding meaningful homosexual relationships above and beyond a one-night-hookup along the local gay strip can be a challenge. Finding good, decent guys to share your life with is like an Easter egg hunt.  You have to work to find the good eggs.  I too am one of the many; a gay man looking for a gay man to connect with. Enduring friendship or intimate relationship, I am a seeker.

We’ve covered the part about my being gay so let’s cover some of the basics and hopefully that will be enough to motivate a sort of “first contact”. I am 54, but don’t look it.  Most 20 year-olds would have trouble keeping up with me, and I’m not necessarily talking about in bed either.  Oh sure, it applies there as well, but I’m talking about in my day-today life.  I am one of those Type A personalities who thrive on productivity.   And lists… I like lists.

I am a professional author of gay, homoerotic fiction. I like to write. It sustains me. That said, it’s a pretty good bet I would make a decent pen pal. Most of my work is the dramatic with an emphasis of first love or complicated relationships. I believe, if you have no real talent and are going to write crap, it at least has to be good crap.

I am also an artist. Perhaps not a good artist, but I have made progress. Self-taught, when I first started sketching I would draw a naked man standing next to a refrigerator. It did not go well… I had to label which was which.

I like to render the detailed and realistic nude male figure in my preferred media of graphite and charcoal. I’ve selected some of my early work with a progression to something fairly recent so you can get a feel for my journey.

Yes, I have many other interests, but those two are primary in my life above the more mundane things like foraging for food, shelter and clothing. Fifty five is not only my age, but it’s also the balance of my checking account. If you’re looking for love and money might I suggest South Beach in Florida. You’ll probably run into a pretty 30-something with long blonde hair and a sort of crazed look in his sparkling blue eyes. That’s my ex. His name is Roddy and he is very high maintenance. It required two credit cards to go grocery shopping at a place where everyone wore tie-dye and sold free range cantaloupes. Since when did fruit “range”?

If I were some byte of artificial intelligence and survived completely on the internet, here are a list of the keywords or hashtags that would best describe me: Politically Astute, Fun-loving, Christian, Honest and Loyal, Educated, Romanticist, Computer Literate, Humorist, Science Fiction Collector, Health Nut, Market Investor, Animal Rights Activist, 80’s and Classic Rock, Workaholic, Blackbelt, Hap Ki Do, Musical Theater, Upbeat, Motivated For Personal Growth.

The top 3 lists:
(in no particular order)

Movies (can’t possibly do just three)
You Are Not Alone
Dances With Wolves
The Bird Cage
Star Wars (first film)
Pay It Forward
The China Syndrome
Billy Jack
Lord Of the Flies (original)

Daniel Day Lewis
Dustin Hoffman
Robin Williams

Lilly Tomlin
Meryl Streep
Helen Mirren

After the Fall (Trans Siberian Orchestra)
Will You Be there? (Michael Jackson)
Go West (Pet Shop Boys)

Tina Turner
Neil Diamond

Music Group
Trans Siberian Orchestra
Celtic Thunder

TV Series
Game Of Thrones (Team Jamie / Team The Hound)
The West Wing (Team Sam Seaborne)
The Walking Dead (Team Carl)

Musical Theater
Billy Elliot The Musical
Les Mis
Jesus Christ Superstar

Beef Fajitas
Ice Cream

The singles:

1979 Smoky And The Bandit Trans Am

Brazil (Rio)

Political Affiliation
Independent Centrist

European Style briefs Think Speedo.

Blackberry Margarita

Guilty Pleasure

Current TV
Big Brother


Okay, so here’s the thing. I could go on and on, but that would ruin the fun of our taking the time to get to know one another, discover each others secrets (and there are even a few skeletons) and finding things we might bond over.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look around and I hope you might consider trying something a little different.  My number is on your left in the colorful placard, that was supposed to be purple.  My computer and I had a fight and apparently it won. In any event, give me a call and leave me a detailed message about yourself.  If I don’t get the impression your an ax murderer, I  will give you a ring back.

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