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Friend Boy: A Gay Youth Retrospective Of 1980s California

Set in present day, a man relives portions of his life as a teenage boy, circa 1982, in the fictional Casas Del Sol, a small affluent community just outside Los Angles. A pace slower than the rest of the country, Southern California has its laid-back attitudes, sun and surf, Disneyland, and the glamour of Hollywood allowing the fabulous 1970s to intermingle with the 80s just a tad longer than everywhere else.

It was still cool to be a fan of Star Wars without being labeled a geek. Vests, surgical scrubs, and parachute pants were just as fashionable as the more revealing and erotic bicycle shorts, tight and high cut-off jeans, and half-tees that highlighted a boy’s abs. Saturday Night Fever, Pink Floyd, Queen, The Eagles, Grease, Air Supply and Supertramp all provided the soundtrack of our lives. M*A*S*H and Dallas ruled the tube while the 49ers would defeat the Bengals in the Superbowl and Tinsel Town’s own Ronald Regan sits in the White House.

If you were a teenage boy and had a license, your wet-dreams consisted of the Chevy Chevelle, a black Smokey and the Bandit Trans-Am or, if your parents were rich, the venerable stingray corvette convertible. Skateboards, surfboards, bikes and skates, living in the burbs or on the beach, the valley or downtown, for kids growing up and finding their way, there could never have been a more idea time and place.

At fifteen years-old, Zachariah is a kid with an interesting lifestyle. By day he attends a private high school for the wealthy and privileged, while his nights are spent on the infamous Santa Monica Boulevard, an area also known as Boy’s Town. The Boulevard’s reputation as action central for male prostitutes and the night life of gay West Hollywood draws Zach to take baby steps in exploring his sexuality.

In his other life, that of the normal high school teenager, Zach meets a boy, Johnny, who at age seventeen finds himself on the cover of Gleamer, a pro-skateboarder magazine. With one look, Zach thinks he might be in love with the lithe, long haired, blonde skater boy. When he discovers they have gym class together, it only takes a moment in the showers with Johnny standing right next to him to confirm many of his suspicions about himself.

The problem for Zach is that Johnny has no idea of his feelings. Even though Zach has a girlfriend, Johnny does as well and his is not just for show. He does not look at Zach the same way. Unable to get the boy out of his mind, Zach forms a unique friendship that ultimately brings them together in unexpected ways.

Fast forward back to the present finds Zach, Johnny and all their friends we met olong the way living very different lives than what they would have ever imagined back in the carefree days of their youth. The final dramatic twist in the end will leave you rooting for all kids who find themselves having to navigate family and/or social stigma as the next gneration of the gay community.

Graphic Language, Descriptive Male Nudity, Drug Use and Sexual Situations.

Author N.K. Peralta

N.K. Peralta is an American-born gay author who has previously enjoyed writing both fiction novels and screenplays for the LGBT ( community. He has now found his perfect fit, a robust, unique style which neatly combines the two. What he refers to as an adaptive screenplay, Peralta tells stories that narrate like the traditional novel, yet are presented in a loosely-based screenplay format.

While all of his work is fiction, Peralta strives to take us down paths that are not only realistic in time, place, and setting, but hold to a gritty, unflinching and often controversial truth that leaves his readers with a deeper appreciation for the human condition.

A blackbelt in Hap Ki Do and an advocate for animal rights, Peralta cautiously divides his time between two passions; writing and homoerotic art. He likes to draw in the mixed media of pencil and charcoal, rendering the sublime nude male form with meticulous realism.

N.K Peralta is currently working on an ambitions sci-fi project, a space opera set in our not too distant future and told as an episodic series spanning across multiple story arcs. EPOCH: Space, is a series that tells the story of how mankind begins to colonize outside our solar system and the extraordinary challenges to be faced.

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